Lemon Gardenis a nursery, inserted in the primary sector, dealing with the production of ornamental citrus and olives in various sizes, starting from the smallest mini stam, getting to the largest secular specimens.

The production process of citrus is very complex because i needs precise expediences, like the choice of "portainnesto", the correct dosage of nutritional elements (N, P, K), to come to an efficient result.

Thanks to a network of interpersonal relationship, it carries out a production to protect the quality, to highlight the termense territory and to satisfy the final client. So that the best of our land comes out.

The merchandise, ready to be distribuited, is generally arranged on contsiners arranged (CC) that protect the product's integrity, aoiding any damage during the transport, realized trough the efficiency of local or foreign transporters. They do the best to make the product reaching its destination.

SEDE: Via Chiesa, 82 - 98050 Terme Vigliatore (ME)    /    SEDE OPERATIVA: C/Da Palmento Nuovo - 98050 Terme Vigliatore (ME)
TEL/FAX: +39 090.9740276    /    MOB: +39 338.3497044   +39 333.9482383
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