The nursery is placed in the north-east of Sicily, in Terme Vigliatore village (province of Messina), where the temperature and the avilability of water, make a unique product.

The village of Terme Vigliatore is near the tollbooth in Falcone and in Barcellona-Castroreale.

By airplane/car:
- Airport "Vincenzo Bellini" Catania: direction (A18) CT-ME  -  (A20) ME-PA  -  interchange Barcellona P.G.;
- Airport "Falcone Borsellino" Palermo: direction (A18) ME-PA  -  interchange Falcone;

By train:
- Railway station Furnari, direction ME-PA;

SEDE: Via Chiesa, 82 - 98050 Terme Vigliatore (ME)    /    SEDE OPERATIVA: C/Da Palmento Nuovo - 98050 Terme Vigliatore (ME)
TEL/FAX: +39 090.9740276    /    MOB: +39 338.3497044   +39 333.9482383